Willow Hall
Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

Services and Rates

Investing in your health is the most important investment you can make.

Email me to schedule a free 15-minute introductory video-call. This can be followed with:

 Deep Dive into Health Introductory Two-and-a-Half Hour Session - $185

  • Health History / Goal Setting
  • Pain Reduction and Body Image - Postural and Fitness Evaluation
  • Food and Health - Nutritional Evaluation
  • Guided Meditation - Stress Level Evaluation
  • Circle of Life
  • Self-care guidelines and next steps

A Customized 3-Month Program.  Options include:

  • Fast Track to Wellness  - Establishing the Foundation for Your Healthy Lifestyle
  • Living the Life - Establishing the Rhythms for Your Healthy Lifestyle and Getting the Habits to Stick
  • Dialing It In - Taking Your Wellness to the Next Level

Private Retreat - Please inquire to learn more about 1-3 day private retreats.

Comprehensive Wellness Sessions 1 Hour - $95 - Session based on your goals for the day. Can include:

  • Stress Reduction (Breathwork, Meditation, Relaxation)
  • Bioindividual Nutritional Guidance
  • Posture and Body Mechanics
  • Functional Fitness (Yoga / Fitness / Conscious Movement)
  • Healthy Pleasures
  • Accessing Your Inner Guidance (Mind-Body Connection and Intuition)

Private Yoga Session  Hour $65/ Hour-and-Half $85

Deepen your understanding of yogic practices through a private session of yoga nidra or yoga asana. Yoga nidra is a transformative practice of deep relaxation. Yoga asana are the yogic postures most of us this of yoga in the west. Learn how to practice the asana safely and comfortably for your body in a one-on-one class. You may also chose to bring a friend to share the experience.

Structural Therapeutic Yoga   $95 Hour

Using the principles of Functional Fitness and Orthopedic Massage, a structural therapeutic yoga session addresses chronic aches and pains, and habits of poor posture with traditional and alternative yoga asana. These asana selectively lengthen and strengthen your muscles and connective tissue for an improved range of motion, and enhanced control and balance.

Healing Massage and Bodywork Sessions 2 Hour Appointment - $185