Willow Hall, LMT, FSC, CYT, CHHC
Combining Health Coaching with Functional Fitness, Yoga and Therapeutic Massage

Services and Rates

Investing in your health is the most important investment you can make.


Sports and Orthopedic Massage

Initial Consultation $175/ Half-Hour $60/ Hour $95/ Hour-and-Half $130

Orthopedic massage includes an assessment as well as treatment and suggestions for home care within each session. Once a core imbalance is identified, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, active isolated stretching, joint mobility and strengthening and lengthening techniques are utilized to bring the client’s body into balance. Techniques for optimal tissue health are discussed and referrals are made when appropriate. Sports massage utilizes the same techniques, applying them to the training and recovery needs of an athlete.

Thai Massage         

Hour-and-Quarter $110/ Two Hours $145

Thai massage is a highly refined, traditional form of bodywork, combining acupressure, energy balancing techniques, assisted yoga, and transformative structural work for the myofascial system. It is performed fully clothes, without oils or lotions, on a soft mat on the floor.

Private Yoga Session         

Hour $55/ Hour-and-Half $70

Deepen your understanding of yogic practices through a private session of yoga nidra and yoga asana. Yoga nidra is a transformative practice of deep relaxation. Yoga asana are the yogic postures most of us this of yoga in the west. Learn how to practice the asana safely and comfortably for your body in a one-on-one class.


Structural Therapeutic Yoga

$95 Hour

Using the principles of Functional Fitness and Orthopedic Massage, a structural therapeutic yoga session addresses chronic aches and pains, and habits of poor posture with traditional and alternative yoga asana. These asana selectively lengthen and strengthen your muscles and connective tissue for an improved range of motion, and enhanced control and balance.


Relaxation Massage                                                                                                                           

1 Hour $95/ Hour-and-Half $130

A relaxation massage lifts your spirits while reducing physical and emotional stress. Spending and hour or more receiving nurturing touch allows you to regain perspective on life.             *Make any relaxation massage into a hot stone massage for an additional $10