Willow Hall, LMT, FSC, CYT, CHHC
Combining Health Coaching with Functional Fitness, Yoga and Therapeutic Massage



My approach to bodywork is influenced by a background in classical dance and tai chi, adding a soothing rhythm and grace to the therapeutic techniques.

In addition to increasing relaxation and decreasing pain, I believe bodywork helps people become more self-aware.  During a session you can tune into your body and emotions in a new way.  This increased self-awareness can help you take the needed steps toward improving your health.

Many of my clients initially come to me in pain or plagued by unpleasant symptoms.  Through massage and health counseling they learn what it takes to feel their personal best.  Once empowered this way, a permanent transformation takes place.  Seeing this happen inspires me again and again.

Please come and experience this for yourself.